Who’s paying tax in Australia?

accounting-software-australiaA recent survey has shown that 45% of Australians aren’t paying tax! That’s quite an astonishing figure. The numbers are based on the 2011 ABS census data. Let’s break the data down by age group:

  • 86.9% of people aged 65+ DON’T pay tax
  • 56% of people aged 60-64 DON’T pay tax
  • 38.9% of people aged 55-59 DON’T pay tax
  • 31.1% of people aged 50-54 DON’T pay tax
  • 27.7% of people aged 45-49 DON’T pay tax
  • 32.3% of people aged 40-44 DON’T pay tax
  • 29.7% of people aged 35-39 DON’T pay tax
  • 31% of people aged 30-34 DON’T pay tax
  • 27.8% of people aged 25-29 DON’T pay tax
  • 46.9% of people aged 18-24 DON’T pay tax

That means 55% of the population are paying tax and a whopping 45% are avoiding them!!! Perhaps the government should give out free accounting software to everyone help boost the numbers!



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