ERP Software

Why You Should Be Using ERP Software

erp-solutionsBusiness owners and decision makers often have a myriad of reasons why they don’t feel the need to move to an ERP software solution. However, very rarely are these reasons justified. In some cases they are but in mostly due to misinformed beliefs. Let’s examine some common justifications for refusing to move to ERP and why they don’t make perfect business sense:

1. It costs too much

This really is a myth. Recent figures suggest ERP software solution ownership is something over 75% of businesses can afford.

2. My company is too small

Well, for starters this is no way to think about your business but putting that aside did you know 60% of businesses with a turnover under $50million use ERP software?

3. We don’t need it

Maybe you dont NEED it but it can significantly improve your business. 60% of the top organizations reported an increase in profits directly attributed to ERP implementation.

4. ERP is difficult to implement

Again, this is a myth. ERP implementation is no harder than many other systems we implement in business. It doesn’t suck all the power out of your IT teams, and it isn’t as complicated as some would have you believe.

Hopefully this post will help sway the minds of those who are sitting on the fence regarding ERP and maybe even change the minds of those who previously opposed utilising ERP software in their businesses.

ERP Software

How To Choose Your ERP Software

erp-software-solutionLooking for the perfect ERP software solution for your business? Follow these guidlines and you’ll be sure to find what you are looking for:

1. Establish the case for your ROI

2. Put support for executives in place before the migration occurs

3. Pick the best of the best for your project team

4. Use a clear, concise approach to the project implementation

5. Don’t forget change management

6. Set clear, definable targets

7. Ensure processes are in place to improve the system once it’s implemented